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Denne modellen er På nett Frakoblet
28, Tvillingene, Colombia, Bogota
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Let's light the flame
Sexy Alana
I want to be in your wildest dreams
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Viktige detaljer for Alanawhite
Kjønn Kvinne
Interessert i Kvinne, Menn
Alder 28
Høyde 160 cm - 170 cm (5'4" - 5'6")
Vekt 60 - 70 kg (140 - 160 lbs)
Hår Brunett
Øyne Brun
Etnisitet Latin/Spansk
Språk Engelsk, Spansk
Hjemby Bogota
Kjønnshår Trimma
Byste Stor
Rumpe Stor
Hva som gjør meg kåt
They make oral sex kiss me the whole body and tell me dirty little things
Om meg
Playful girl, cheerful very smiling looking for a fantasy Connect together
Hva som absolutt ikke tenner meg
that they treat me ugly do not give me tokens
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Welcome to my world
100 polletter
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I would love to go delightfully with you and simulate that every vibration is a caress of your hands lush ferri domi nora
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Kommentarer (21)
the best, always an enjoyable time =]
id do everything and anything i could for this woman, even if that ment giving my life for her, i would do it in a heart beat and not think twice about it,cause that how much she means to me as the person that she is, great and wonderful Model yes,but a even better person, with a great personality a caring heart and soul and all around the best person to have as a still here til this day because of her, and i love and thank you more then anything at all Alana,your forever in my heart
How do you write a comment about a girl like Alana that has so many qualities. The first time talking to her made me feel at home. Some girls are attractive, some are fun to talk to and some don't do anything except sit in front of the camera. if you want a girl who is attractive, articulate, interesting and truly interested your feelings, Alana is the one. You can't understand why you haven't been there before. She's a rare and special person. It's hard to express the good a visit can feel.
❤️⡇⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠁⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⣿❤️
i love you to death Alana, and would do all and anything i could ever to help and or make sure that you and your fam and loved ones are always doing very good, and i wish i had alot more to offer you then my love truth honesty and loyalty , anyone was to ever hurt your or anyone you love i would do all i could to find them . and end them my love my word my bond 4 life its all i have
holis una super personalidad un aura super cool, super inteligente se sacan temas muy interesantes platicando contigo, sigue asi siendo esa linda personita como hay un proverbio chino que dice las piedras navegan por el arroyo y se van puliendo hasta llegar hacer esmeraldas y esa eres tu una esmeralda super linda y cool. besos🌹🌻
Beautiful soul and nice to not only watch but to chat with.
A beautiful girl gave me pleasant communication and great emotions, your squirt was unexpected and helped me cum)
Kind,Sweet,Loving A Pleasure To Chat With
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